Project Subject

Changing the strategy based on the approach of presenting a new style in the use of protein products


 The brand, despite being old, was not well known. Because despite the benefit of modern devices in the field of bacon, ham, hotdog, and modern semi-prepared foods and fast food, it was more known for hamburgers in the market.

THE Experience Gained

In the brand research, we found the main issue:

  1. It is the wrong color of the packaging of the products that cannot be seen well. As a result, they were not seen
  2. Inappropriate arrangement and presentation of products in supermarkets
  3. Designing a suitable mental identity for the brand

Based on the collected data, we found that for such products, a brand is needed that provides a very delicious final product with the benefit of high technology and healthy raw materials. Therefore, in the first step, the brand identity was changed. The new identity’s focus was on the new style and lifestyle.

 It is necessary to explain that the research showed that people generally knew fast food as a portion of harmful food.

If bacon with 90% meat content is used, it indicates that fast food quality has significantly changed compared to the past. Fast foods can be enjoyable and healthy simultaneously by increasing the percentage of natural ingredients during their growth period. It is on the condition that the consumer changes his lifestyle from consuming low-quality fast food towards high-quality protein products such as 202.

“Life in a new style” became the brand’s new tagline to convey that 202 is not like old-style fast food, and the products are prepared using healthy ingredients and pure meat as much as possible.

Four main tasks of this project:

  1. Providing solutions to improve distribution channels
  2. Modern packaging design
  3. Changing the procedure in sending messages to the audience and the main idea in advertising and social networks
  4. Designing a suitable mental identity for the brand

What We Did