Farzad Moghaddam's speech

At World Marketing Summit 2022

This summit is online and led by Philip Kotler (Father of Modern Marketing), and the lectures of more than 100 prominent international professors and scientific and executive leaders in various fields of business, technology, marketing, policymaking, and future research with the subject “Marketing Changes to Meet Sustainability” held in November 2022


In this summit, Farzad Moghaddam, founder and CEO of THE Branding Agency, addressed the issue of “Sustainability Branding on Indeterminacy Conditions.”


Team of THE branding agency started work 20 years ago. During its lifetime, this specialized branding agency has led to the development and creating of several specialized brands in the field of branding from within. This agency started working under the “Iran Brand Makers” title in Tehran. After completing numerous branding projects, Iran Brand Makers entered the field of education and started developing branding knowledge by producing scientific articles and holding specialized branding courses.


With the development and expansion of activities since 2019, this group has continued its business activities to carry out branding projects under the title of THE Branding Agency in the MENA region and its educational services under the title of Iran Brand Makers.


Also, in 2022, a digital branding agency in Spain named World Brand Makers started its activity to provide branding services to all countries and create a network of connecting branding experts from all over the world under the supervision of THE Branding Agency.


THE Branding Agency has participated in more than 100 branding and rebranding projects during its several years in various industries, including food & drink, automotive, Media, Services, fashion and tourism.

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