Project Subject

Launch a new brand to the market in the field of ready-to-eat foods for the market that aims to provide fresh foods.


In these markets, many food products were offered and bought. Among them, there were many well-positioned brands, but fewer food products paid attention to young people.


So it changes from finding a new market to entering the market of young people who eat at home or their residence and work.

THE Experience Gained

By conducting detailed research in the market, it was found that some consumers do not see any connection between themselves and the brands they buy in this area, and the level of loyalty and association needed was shallow.


Therefore, designing the desired identity for the young target audience is formed on the idea that life’s moments are much more valuable than being spent on cooking. The brand’s campaigns feature a humorous hero character who is supposed to save the audience from cooking. The shortest form of the message is to pay attention to the young audience to “live,” which should be included in laborious tasks such as cooking. Therefore, the brand’s tagline became: “This is the Makenzi; the moments must be lived.”

What We Did