Project Subject

Old and authentic brands such as Filter Sarkan for being up to date need change and transformation to keep pace. Issues such as distribution and communication are necessary to constantly adapt to the identity and the conditions by relying on the variables of the brand identity.


Authentic and old brands are national assets like a historical heritage that require knowledge and research to restore them.

Therefore, creating a model for identity based on research changes was necessary to prevent errors in these changes.

THE Experience Gained

Initially, the brand architecture design was done for all the subcategory brands, and Sarkan Industrial Group was formed. Based on this, the Serkan Industrial Group and Filter Sarkan brand identity was defined, and all marketing, communication, and sales plans were redefined based on that.

Currently, the Serkan filter brand is operating as a brand that sets its market standards and as a market leader. This brand has managed to create a growing relationship with the primary audience and to familiarize and align the influential factors in the distribution chain with its brand identity.

What We Did