Project Subject

Designing an approach with the theme of “good service for all” and “car service standardization.”


Carkook auto service was first reopened under “Happy Cars.

In the research, we realized that the relationship between the target customers and the brand needed to be correctly established. Therefore, by redefining the brand identity and the new name “Carkook,” the brand was redefined.

The result of the research showed that the target audience needs a service brand in the field of auto service that provides services at a reasonable price, has a standard, and is comprehensive.

Carkook should not be different in providing all kinds of services and tools for all kinds of cars. In Carkook, services with reasonable prices and standards should be available to everyone.

THE Experience Gained

Based on this, the character design for Carkook was changed based on it to communicate with all people in the designs, behaviors and visual elements, on the other hand, after the change in appearance, its pricing and information changes in a way that customers are encouraged to visit first. Now Carkook has reached its development potential.

What We Did