Project Subject

Launch a new brand in the field of food products, suitable for family tastes


The presence of old and powerful brands in the food and canned goods market is a big challenge for any new brand to enter the market. Therefore, detailed research was necessary to find a suitable place in the target market.

The newly established brand identity should match the main segment of the target market. The main challenge was correctly defining the identity and product of the brand personality—a character who succeeds in selling the product to the same target audience.

THE Experience Gained

The research showed us that ready-made foods and semi-prepared canned foods make us spend time with the family. This time, in families with a population of more than three people, it becomes the period for family members to pay attention to each person. The Khoshbakht brand has formed and developed its identity based on this issue and has succeeded in establishing good communication and sales.


Khoshbakht brand loves family and tries to bring family members closer together in an age where everyone is immersed in the digital space and their problems. A meal and a proper reminder are the prerequisites for this effort

The Tagline of this brand expresses the identity of the brand: “Khoshbakht means happy, together”

What We Did