Project Subject

Identity design and brand strategy to create a unified identity of the carpet brand in the carpet market


How can you become a brand with limited resources and find a good place in a market where big and old manufacturers have grown up on one side and carpet hypermarkets are making noise with extensive promotions on the other side?


This was the challenge of “Mahoor carpet” in the carpet market.

Mahoor Market was a manufacturer operating in this vast market for years but did not have a defined identity for its products and stores.


The main challenge was to find a point in the market that was aligned and compatible with the resources and capabilities available in Farsh Mahor Company. Therefore, taking the place of existing competitors in the market could not be a reasonable goal.

THE Experience Gained

During the extensive brand research done for this brand at THE branding agency, a point was identified that was free of competitors but in line with the resources and abilities of experts.

 This brand, following its plans and brand identity strategy, will become a distinctive brand in the future with unique designs and Be specific in a niche market.


The experience of this project shows that instead of blindly competing with competitors who have more distinctive capabilities and resources, one should focus on creating an integrated identity that matches the brand’s capabilities in more appropriate parts of the market. The meaning of success for each brand must be defined in depth and separately.

What We Did