Project Subject

Designing visual brand identity guidelines and designing the structure for the uniformity of social media posts, choosing navy and orange colors based on the wise and artistic personality, message design, scenario writing


  1. Lack of sufficient awareness of the target audience of the brand
  2. Lack of familiarity with a product called an audiobook

The research result showed that part of the target audience had heard the name of an audiobook , but not only did they not use it until now, but they did not even have a correct definition of this concept. Some thought it was a home production.


Based on the research results that were conducted on the audience, we realized that the Novin Ketab fills the position of a knowledgeable organization for its audience because part of its job is to choose books and makes this selection with science, intelligence, and precision.



Also, this brand must have artistic abilities. Because for the production of audiobooks, it is necessary to choose and make the right sound and music to be presented in the right way. As a result, these items showed us that the Novin Ketab Gooya should be related to three artists: author, composer, and speaker.

THE Experience Gained

The Novin Ketab Gooya identity brand was designed based on three variables:


  1. Choosing the right book and knowing the author
  2. Choosing and making appropriate music
  3. Choosing a professional speaker with appropriate expression


Based on this, two personality traits of “sage” and “artist” were considered for this brand.

What We Did